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Player is an individual who has reached the age of 18 at the time of participation in the game, is not recognized as legally incapacitated or partially incapacitated, and has the intention to participate in games on the website SwinCasino (Website). In cases where the legislation of the Player's country of residence and/or country of permanent residence of the Player sets a different minimum age for gambling or other real-money gaming, the Player's participation in the Website games is allowed only if he/she meets such requirements.

Company is a legal entity that organizes and conducts games on the Website.

Account is a special account opened for the Player to participate in the Website games.

  1. General Provisions:
    1. Visiting the Website, registering and participating in real-money games is only allowed to persons who meet the Player requirements. Each Player is liable for compliance with the legislation of his/her country of residence and country of permanent residence on gambling and other real-money gaming.
    2. By visiting the Website and/or registering, the Player confirms that he/she has read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions of the games, the Privacy Policy, as well as other terms (bonus terms, special offers, rules of individual games) that exist and/or will appear on the Website.
    3. If You are a person under the age of 18 and/or do not agree to the Terms and Conditions of the games, the Privacy Policy, or other terms, please leave the Website. Further use of the Website will mean Your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of the games.
  2. Registration and Account Opening:
    1. To start the game, You shall open a current account (the "Registration" section). You shall specify your e-mail address or phone number and password that will be used to sign in later, as well as fill in personal information (first and last name, date of birth, phone number) for further identification.
    2. The specified first and last name, as well as the age shall correspond to the real full name and age. To confirm the information provided, the Company is entitled to request an identity document (including, but not limited to, a copy of your passport/ID card or any payment card used), photos with the required document and/or use video communication as an additional identification tool, as well as other additional documents. If the requested information is not provided, the Company is entitled to suspend the account until the necessary information for identification is provided, and/or permanently close the account if it is not provided.
    3. The Player is liable for the accuracy and correctness of the personal data provided. The Player confirms the accuracy, completeness, and reliability of the information provided in the process of registration. If any personal data is changed, the player shall update it in his/her Personal Account.
    4. If You have any questions or difficulties during registration, please contact Customer Support via e-mail ([email protected]) or via online chat.
    5. The Player can open only one game account (taking into account e-mail or IP address, computer or another device). All other accounts opened on the Website will be considered duplicates and will be closed if the Player fails to provide a reasoned answer regarding the opening of a duplicate account. If the Player has not received permission to open a duplicate account, the Company is entitled to close such an account. In this case, all transactions made from the Duplicate Account/Accounts will be considered invalid, and the Company is entitled to request a refund of funds previously withdrawn from the duplicate accounts. Funds remaining on the duplicate account are not refundable.
  3. Account Access Security (Username, Password):
    1. After opening the Account, the Player shall not disclose/tell anyone (intentionally or accidentally) his/her e-mail address and password. If the Player has lost or forgotten his/her Account details, he/she can restore the password by clicking on the "Forgot Password" button in the "Sign in" menu.
    2. The Player is fully liable for the security of the password as well as any actions and transactions in his/her account. The Player is liable for all his/her losses incurred due to the actions of third parties.
    3. In the event of unauthorized access to the Account and/or any other security breach, the Player shall immediately notify the Company. The Player agrees to provide evidence of such unauthorized access upon request. Under no circumstances will the Company be liable for any damages incurred by the Player as a result of the misuse of e-mail and password by another person or unauthorized access to the game Account, regardless of whether they were authorized by the Player or without the knowledge of the Player.
  4. Person Identification. Requirements of Protection Against Legalization (Laundering) of Proceeds:
    1. Taking into account the rights given to the Player to use the services, the Player guarantees, confirms, undertakes and agrees that:
      1. The Player shall be at least 18 years old or reach the age of majority that is legally permitted to participate in casino gambling under the laws of the Player's jurisdiction.
      2. The Player is the sole owner of the funds in the account. All information provided by the Player to the Company during registration, identification/verification and/or at a later time, including in any transaction that requires funds to be deposited, is true, current, accurate and fully corresponds to the name(s) on the credit/debit card(s) or other current accounts that will be used to deposit or withdraw funds to/from the Player's account.
    2. By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, the Player grants the Company the right to conduct reviews/identification/verification (at the Company's discretion), or which will be required by third parties (including, but not limited to, regulatory authorities) to confirm the Player's identity, contact details and age (hereinafter referred to as "Verification").
    3. The Company may restrict the Player's ability to withdraw funds from the Account during the verification process.
    4. If any information provided by the Player is false, inaccurate, misleading and/or otherwise incomplete, as well as if the information provided does not match the information provided in the documents confirming the Player's identity, the Player violates the Terms and Conditions of the game, and the Company is entitled to close the Player's Account immediately and/or refuse the Player to use the services of the Website, in addition to any other actions at its discretion.
    5. If the Company cannot confirm that the Player has reached the legal age, the Company is entitled to suspend the Account. If the Player has not reached the legal age when participating in the Website games, then:
      1. The Player's Account will be closed.
      2. All transactions made during this time will become invalid, and the corresponding funds deposited by the Player to the Account will be returned exclusively to the legal representative of such Player.
      3. Any bets placed by the Player during this time will be canceled.
      4. Any prizes accumulated during the period when the Player's age was less than the legal age will be canceled, and the Player will have to return all funds withdrawn from the Account at the request of the Company.
    6. The Player is fully aware of the risk of losing money while playing on the Website and fully liable for any losses related to the use of the Website services. The Player confirms that he/she uses the services exclusively of his/her own choice and at his/her own risk. The Player has no right to make any claims against the Company in connection with damages, losses and/or failures.
    7. The Player fully understands the general methods, rules and procedures for providing services and playing games on the Internet. The Player understands his/her responsibility to ensure the correctness of these bets and games. The Player undertakes not to take any actions that may harm the Company's reputation.
  5. Pay in (Deposit) and Withdrawal:
    1. To play the game, the Player shall pay in.
    2. The amount of the minimum one-time pay in is ≥ INR 300.
    3. The Player confirms that the funds deposited to the account are not of criminal and/or illegal and/or unauthorized origin.
    4. The Player undertakes not to refuse any previous transactions and/or deny or cancel any payments made that may cause a refund by a third party to avoid any legal liability.
    5. The Player deposits funds to his/her Account only from the account/system and/or payment cards registered in his/her Name. Funds from third parties (friends, relatives, partners, and/or spouses, etc.) are not accepted to the Player's Account. In case of violation of this rule, all prizes will be canceled and returned to the Company.
    6. If a bank transfer is requested for a refund to the rightful owner, all bank charges/fees will be covered by the recipient.
    7. If the Player pays in using the paid SMS service, he/she is entitled to use several phone numbers but confirmed and specified in the Profile. It is prohibited to use any form of credit from mobile network operators to pay in, as well as to make SMS deposits via SMS loans when your account balance is negative. If this rule is violated, the Player's account will be blocked without the possibility of withdrawing funds.
    8. The Company does not accept cash transfers from Players. The Company may use third-party organizations to process e-payments and/or financial institutions to process both Player deposits and Player withdrawals, but only if the terms and conditions of such third-party organizations and/or financial institutions do not conflict with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.
    9. The Player undertakes not to refuse any previous transactions, not to void them in any other way, not to cancel any deposits to the account, and in any such cases undertakes to return and compensate the Company for such outstanding funds, including any expenses incurred by the Company in the process of collecting the Player's deposits.
    10. In the event of suspicious or fraudulent money deposits, including the use of stolen bank payment cards (credit/debit) and/or any other fraudulent activity (including any refunds or cancellations of payments), including deposits for the purpose of exchange between payment systems, the Company reserves the right to block such account, void any payments made and recover any prizes. The Company is entitled to inform the relevant authorities and/or organizations (including credit information agencies) of any payment fraud or other illegal activity. The Company reserves the right to hire collection agencies to refund payments. Under no circumstances is the Company liable for any unauthorized use of bank payment cards, regardless of whether or not the theft of bank payment cards was reported.
    11. The Company may at any time set off any positive balance of the Player's Account against any amount that the Player shall pay to the Company, including (without limitation) cases of repeated bets following Clause 2.5 of Section "2. REGISTRATION AND ACCOUNT OPENING", the terms of Section "7. COLLUSION, FRAUD, CRIMINAL ACTIVITY, OR DECEPTIVE CONDUCT" or section "17. ERRORS AND OMISSIONS".
    12. The Player understands and agrees that his/her Account is not a bank account and, consequently, no insurance, guarantees, deposits or other protection instruments are available to him/her from deposit insurance or bank insurance systems or any similar insurance systems. No interest will be accrued for the funds deposited to the Player's account.
    13. The Player understands and agrees that the exchange rates of all currencies, including bitcoin, may change and the Company is not liable for such changes.
    14. 1-Click Service Terms and Conditions. The Player agrees to pay for all services and/or goods or other additional services ordered on the Website, as well as all additional costs (if necessary), including, but not limited to, all taxes, duties, etc. The Player is fully liable for the timely payment of all payments. The payment service provider only ensures that the payment is made in the amount indicated by the Website and is not liable for the payment of the above-mentioned additional amounts by the Website user. By clicking the "Payment" button the payment is considered processed and irrevocable. By clicking the "Payment" button the Player agrees not to revoke the payment or request its revocation. By placing the order on the Website the Player confirms and indicates that it does not violate the laws of any state. In addition, by accepting the provisions of these terms (and/or the Terms and Conditions) the Player as the owner of the payment card confirms that he/she is entitled to use the goods and/or services offered on the Website. If the Player uses the services of the Website offering specific services such as gambling, the Player provides legally binding confirmation that he/she has reached or has already exceeded the age of majority that is legally permitted in the Player's jurisdiction to use the services provided by the Website. By starting to use the Website services the Player assumes legal responsibility for compliance with the laws of any state, where this service is used, and confirms that the payment service provider is not liable for any illegal or unauthorized violation. By agreeing to use the Website services the Player understands and accepts that any payment is processed by the payment service provider, and there is no legal right to refund services and/or goods already purchased or other payment cancellation options. If the Player wants to opt out of using the service for the next purchase of the service and/or goods, the Player can opt out of the service by using his/her Account on the Website. The payment service provider is not liable for refusal/inability to process data related to the Player's payment card, or refusal associated with the failure to obtain permission from the issuing bank to make a payment using the Player's payment card. The payment service provider is not liable for the quality, volume, price of any service and/or goods offered to the Player or purchased by the Player on the Website using the Player's payment card. The Player is primarily obliged to comply with the terms of use of the Website when paying for any services and/or goods there. Only the Player, as the owner of the payment card, is liable for timely payment of any service and/ or goods ordered via the Website and for all additional costs/commissions associated with this payment. The payment service provider is only the executor of the payment in the amount specified by the Website and is not liable for any pricing, total prices and/or total amounts. In case of a situation related to the Player's disagreement with the above conditions and/or other reasons, we ask the Player to cancel the payment in a timely manner and, if necessary, contact Customer Support directly.
    15. The Player can request a withdrawal from his/her account at any time, provided that:
      1. All verification actions in section "4. Person Identification. Requirements of Protection Against Legalization (Laundering) of Proceeds" are carried out.
      2. All payments transferred to the Account were checked for unacceptable actions, and no payment was void or otherwise canceled.
    16. The payout of prizes without commission is made to the Players after the turnover of bets in the amount of 200% of the deposit made for Players who try to withdraw their deposit without playing. For example, the Player deposits INR 600 to his/her account. In this case, to withdraw funds without commission, the Player only needs to make a turnover of bets in the amount of INR 1200 (x2 of the turnover of bets from the deposit) or more. Otherwise, the Company withholds a commission in the amount of expenses incurred (10% of the amount withdrawn) for withdrawing prizes if the turnover of bets is not fulfilled in the amount of 200% of the Player's deposit amount.
    17. The Player shall take into account the following aspects when making a withdrawal request:
      1. Prizes are paid out after the player is identified. To pass the game account identification, the player shall confirm his/her mobile phone number, e-mail address, and provide scanned images of the player's identity documents, such as passport or ID card. If the Player deposited funds using a plastic card, he/she shall also send copies of the front and back sides of the card from which the deposits were made. The first six and last four digits of the card shall be visible in the card number (please note that if You have a raised card number, the same digits shall be covered on the back side as on the front). CVV2/CVC2 code shall also be covered (closed). Copies of documents are provided via the "Account" section in the "Verification" menu.
      2. The minimum payment amount is INR 450.
      3. When applying for a prize, You should check any bonuses left on Your account that have not been wagered.
      4. You cannot request withdrawals below the set limits.
      5. The Company may refuse to pay out if the Player's fraud is proven (in this case, the account is blocked without paying out funds).
      6. The Company reserves the right to additional verification of game transactions for a period not exceeding 48 hours.
      7. Game account verification is conducted via the Website interface.
      8. Payments are made only to the payment systems used to make deposits. In this case, the deposit account numbers shall match the entered account numbers for withdrawing funds.
      9. If the funds were transferred using the services of a telephone operator, the payment is made only upon checking the receipt of the last deposit to the Player's account by the specified method for possible fraud. Payments are made to the verified mobile phone number used to make the deposit.
    18. The Finance Department works without holidays. Payments are made 24/7.
    19. You can withdraw prizes via "Withdrawal" in the "Deposit" section. You need to specify the payment amount and method, then follow the system's step-by-step instructions.
    20. You can withdraw funds from your Account at any time. Processing a withdrawal request may take up to 24 hours from the moment it is submitted, but it is usually much faster. The payment is made in the same way as the deposit. The speed of crediting funds will depend on Your bank, as well as the type of payment system.
    21. After a withdrawal request is made, the amount declared by the Player is not frozen. The request is processed by the Finance Department within 24 hours. Until the payment of the requested money they remain on the gaming Account and the Player has the opportunity to use the funds in the game. After the withdrawal request is confirmed by the Financial Manager, the winnings will be transferred. Please note that it may take up to 5 banking business days for the funds to be received on your card, depending on the financial institution which services the Player uses.
    22. The denomination of some providers changes and is not equal to "1 coin = INR 1", so the Player's prize in coins may differ from the prize in rubles. Detailed information can be found in the slot machine rules of the respective providers.
    23. If the Player makes considerable bets, the Company is entitled to change the withdrawal terms in favor of the Player.
    24. Cash payments to users:
      • Daily limit: INR 80,000
      • Weekly limit: INR 550,000
      • Monthly limit: INR 1,400,000
    25. When withdrawing amounts of INR 1,400,000 or more, the Company is entitled to divide payments into monthly payments of INR 1,400,000 until the entire amount is paid without paying interest on the debt.
    1. The Player is liable for the accuracy of information about any transaction made during the confirmation of the game bet.
    2. The Player can get his/her transaction history by clicking the "Deposit" link on the Website.
    3. The Company reserves the right at any time to partially or completely (at its sole discretion) refuse to conduct any transaction requested by the Player via the Website if the Player has violated the Terms or Rules of Casino Gambling. No transaction shall be deemed accepted as long as the Player does not receive confirmation from the Company. If the Player has not received transaction confirmation, the Player shall contact Customer Support.
    1. The following is prohibited:
      1. Fraud, use of malware, bots, and other illegal activities on the Website.
      2. Providing information to third parties.
      3. Committing fraud with bank payment cards: using stolen, cloned, or otherwise illegally obtained bank card data to pay in.
      4. Any criminal activity, including money laundering and any other activity with criminal consequences.
      5. Collusion or attempting to collude, and/or intending to participate directly or indirectly in any collusion scheme with another Player while playing on the Website.
    2. The Company is entitled to suspend, revoke or cancel any payments or prizes related to bonus funds received from the Company if it suspects that the Player is abusing them.
    3. The Company will take all measures to exclude, as well as to identify collusions and their participants, and appropriate measures will be taken against these individuals. The Company is not liable for any loss or damage suffered by the Player or any other user of the Website services as a result of collusion, fraud, or other illegal actions. All measures are at the discretion of the Company.
    4. Players shall immediately notify the Company by sending an appropriate e-mail to Customer Support if they suspect that any person is colluding or conducting fraudulent activities.
    5. If the Company suspects the Player of fraud, it may terminate the Player's access to the Website services and block his/her account at any time without prior notice. In such a case, the Company disclaims the obligation to return or otherwise compensate the Player for the funds in his/her Account. The Company reserves the right to inform the relevant law enforcement authorities.
    6. Players are prohibited from using the services and software of the Website to commit any fraudulent, illegal actions and transactions in accordance with the laws of a particular jurisdiction. If it is established or revealed that the Player has committed such actions, the Company may suspend or block the Player's account and withhold available funds. In such cases, the Player is not entitled to make any claims against the Company.
    1. The following is prohibited
      1. Use of aggressive, offensive language, profanity, threats, or humiliation towards other Players or employees of the Company.
      2. Any actions that may affect the Website operation.
      3. РDistribution of viruses or similar malicious programs, any mass distribution of information.
      4. Distortion, deletion or other modification of any information on the Website.
      5. Copying the Website or any part thereof in any form without obtaining the Company's written consent.
      6. Hacks or other tricks against the Website's security system. If the Company suspects the Player is trying to hack, access or otherwise circumvent the security system or software, the Company will immediately prohibit the Player's access to the Website services and block the account. The Company will also have to inform the relevant law enforcement agencies.
      7. Selling or transferring Accounts to Players.
    2. The Company is not liable for any loss or damage that a Player or a third party may suffer as a result of information technology failures caused by hacker attacks, malicious software when using the Website and/or downloading any materials from the Website and/or any links located on the Website.
    1. To terminate the Account, the Player shall send a corresponding e-mail to [email protected] Until the Player receives confirmation of the account closure, he/she is fully liable for any activity therein.
    2. The Company may charge a commission or the amount that the Player owes the Company before closing his/her Account. If the Player's Account is deleted, blocked or canceled, no refund will be made for the funds available at the time of closing the Account, and no other funds will be credited or cashed out, and further access to the Account will be impossible.
    3. Accepting the Terms and Conditions, in case of voiding the Player's Account, neither party has any further obligations towards each other.
    4. The Company may block and/or delete the Player's account without prior notice if:
      1. The Account is linked in some way to the account that was deleted.
      2. The Account is linked to existing blocked Accounts, except as provided in the Terms and Conditions, any balance on the Player's Account will be refunded within a certain period of time upon the Player's request upon deducting the amount that the Player owes the Company.
      3. The Company has decided to stop providing services in general or specifically to the Player.
      4. The Player tries to hack the system or participates in collusion.
      5. The Player manipulates the software.
      6. The Player uses the Account for purposes that may be considered illegal under current legislation.
      7. The Player posts humiliating or offensive information on the Website.
    5. If the Player's Account remains inactive for an extended period of 6 (six) months or more, the Company may close or suspend the Account without notice. Thus, the Terms and Conditions will be automatically canceled starting from the effective date of such cancellation.
    6. The Company is entitled to close the Player's Account and cancel the Terms and Conditions by sending the Player an e-mail notification (or advance notification) to the address specified in the contact information. In the event of any such cancellation by the Company, except in situations where such closure and termination of the Terms and Conditions are consistent with section "7. COLLUSION, FRAUD, CRIMINAL ACTIVITY, OR DECEPTIVE CONDUCT:" or section "10. VIOLATION OF THE TERMS OR RULES" of these Terms and Conditions, the Company will refund the amount of the Player's Account balance. If the Company is unable to contact the Player, the funds will be transferred to the Company or the supervisory authority.
    1. The Player undertakes to comply with all the Terms and Conditions of the game set out on the Company's Website.
    2. In case of violation of the Terms or Rules, the Player undertakes to fully compensate the Company for expenses/losses incurred as a result of violation of the Terms or Rules (including legal costs).
    3. The Player undertakes to compensate for damages, protect the interests of the Company, its non-branded partners and their respective companies, as well as the Company's employees in problematic situations arising as a result of:
      1. Violations of the Terms and Conditions by the Player.
      2. Violations of the law or the rights of third parties by the Player.
      3. Use of access to the services by any other person using the Player's identification data with or without the Player's permission.
    4. The Player undertakes not to claim prizes obtained illegally or as a result of system errors.
    5. If the Player violates the Terms or Rules, the Company is entitled to:
      1. Notify the Player of detected violations and demand that the violation of the Terms or Rules of the game be stopped immediately.
      2. Block the Player's Account (with or without prior notice).
      3. Withdraw from the Player's Account the amount of payments, bonuses or prizes that the Player has acquired as a result of any violation.
    6. The Company is entitled to void the Player's profile if the Player does not comply with any of the Terms or Rules of the game.
    1. The Player shall:
      • Comply with the Terms and Conditions of the game.
      • Provide accurate and truthful personal data in full (including updated personal data in case of changes).
      • Immediately notify the Company of unauthorized receipt by a third party of the Player's personal data, if he/she became aware of such a fact.
      • Notify the Company if he/she disagrees with any of the purposes of data processing or wish to stop processing his/her personal data by the Company by sending a corresponding e-mail.
      The Player is aware that sending a notification of disagreement with any of the purposes of personal data processing by the Company and/or of the intention to stop processing his/her personal data is the basis for termination of the relationship between the Parties within the Terms and Conditions of the game posted on the Website.

      The Player is liable for the truthfulness, accuracy, and relevance of his/her personal data provided to the Company.

    2. The Company shall:
      • Provide services on organizing and conducting games on the Website in accordance with the current Terms and Conditions.
      • Inform the Player about the recipients of his/her personal data (third parties) upon receiving such a request.
      The timing of storing the received personal data shall apply to the entire relationship of the parties determined by the Terms and Conditions of the game posted on the Company's Website, as well as for the next three years from the date of termination of the relationship of the Parties (to resolve possible controversial issues).
    3. The Player is entitled to:
      • Use the services of the Website games following the current Terms and Conditions.
      • Require the Company to correct or delete personal data or provide the Company with objections to such processing.
    4. The Company is entitled to:
      • Update, amend, edit and modify the Terms and Conditions, as well as the commercial terms associated with the servicing of Players. The updated Terms and Conditions will be available on the Website from the moment they are posted. The Company will notify Players of any amendments, additions, or changes by posting the new version of the Terms and Conditions on the Website. Players are liable for reviewing the current Terms and Conditions.
      • Make changes to the Website operation (online system for organizing and conducting casino gambling), the procedure for providing services, as well as the requirements to access and use the services following the current legislation.
      • Terminate the contractual relationship with the Player provided for in the Terms and Conditions of the casino game posted on the Company's Website if the Player fails to provide consent to personal data processing for the purposes specified in these Terms and Conditions, as well as the Privacy Policy.
      • Require the Player to provide the documents required by law to receive prizes.

    If the Player wants to review his/her personal information obtained by the Company, or if the Player wants to change or delete his/her personal information, the Player can submit such a request to the Company. The request shall be submitted by the Player in electronic form and shall contain the Player's Name, address, and description of the information to be reviewed, corrected or deleted. The Player can submit the request to the following e-mail address: [email protected].

    The Player shall also submit his/her identity confirmation for confidentiality purposes. The Player shall attach a copy of his/her passport or ID card.

    The Company reserves the right to charge reasonable fees for repeated requests, requests for additional copies of the same data, and/or requests that are considered unreasonable or excessive. The Company may also refuse to respond to requests considered unreasonable or excessive.


    To ensure the Website operation, the Company uses cookies. More information on how to delete or control cookies is available at: www.aboutcookies.org. Deleting Company cookies or taking measures to prevent them from being stored on Your computer in the future may make it impossible to access certain sections or functions of the Website.

    1. If the Player wants to file a complaint about the Website, we recommend contacting Customer Support.
    2. The Player agrees that records on the server will be used to determine the outcome of a dispute.
    3. The Player accepts the results of all games and recognizes that the result is determined by a random number generator. If there is a discrepancy between the information displayed on the Player's screen and the balance on his/her Account, the balance available on the Company's server is considered decisive.
    1. The Company processes personal information provided by the Player strictly in accordance with the Privacy Policy.
    2. By providing the Company with personal information the Player agrees to personal data processing for the purposes described on the Website in the Terms and Conditions, as well as the Privacy Policy.
    3. The Company saves the correspondence received from the Players (including copies of all e-mails) to accurately register (display) all information obtained.
    4. The Company may send informational e-mails to the e-mail address specified by the Player during registration.
    1. The Website content is subject to copyright and other proprietary rights owned by the Company or used under the license of third-party copyright holders. All downloadable or printed materials contained on the Website may only be downloaded to one personal computer and may only be printed for personal and non-commercial use.
    2. The use of the Website does not grant the user any intellectual property rights (such as copyrights, know-how or trademarks) owned by the Company or any other third party.
    3. Any use or reproduction of the trade name, trademarks, logos or other creative materials provided on this Website is prohibited.
    4. The Player will be solely liable for any damages, costs or expenses incurred due to or in connection with any prohibited activity. The Player shall immediately notify the Company when he/she becomes aware of any prohibited activity and provide the Company with the necessary assistance in any investigations that it may conduct, taking into account the information provided by the Player in this regard.
    1. In the event of any system failure or game error (deviation from the normal game logic for any reason), the Company will make every effort to correct the situation as soon as possible. The Company undertakes no responsibility for information technology failures caused by the operation of equipment used by Players to access the Website, as well as for failures in the operation of the Player's Internet provider.
    2. In the course of using the Website services, there may be some situations when a bet is accepted or payment is made with errors on part of the Company (for example, incorrect setting of the terms of game bets by the Company as a result of obvious error or omission when entering information or as a result of computer failure or a system error in calculating the number of prizes/refunds due to the Player, including as a result of incorrect data entry manually or automatically).
    3. The Company (including its employees or agents), partners or suppliers are not liable for any damages, including loss of prizes, resulting from an error on the part of the Player or the Website.
    4. The Company and its licensees, distributors, subsidiaries, affiliates and all employees are not liable for any loss or damage that may be caused by the interception or misuse of any information transmitted over the Internet.
    1. The Player confirms that the use of the Website's services is solely at his/her own choice, discretion and risk.
    2. The Website operates in accordance with the Terms and Conditions described in this resource. The Company makes no further representations or warranties with respect to the Website or the services offered on the Website, and hereby excludes its liability (to the extent permitted by law) for all implied warranties.
    3. The Company is not liable for contracts, torts, negligence, any damage or loss caused, including, but not limited to, loss of data, income, prestige, reputation or any loss that the Company cannot currently foresee. The Company is not liable for the content of any of the Internet websites that can be accessed via the Website.
    1. The Company is not liable for any failure or delay in fulfilling any of the obligations under the Terms and Conditions caused by force majeure, including natural disasters, wars, civil unrest, interruptions in public communication networks or services, industrial disputes or DDOS attacks and similar Internet attacks that may have adverse consequences (force majeure).
    2. The Company's activities are considered suspended for the period of force majeure, and there is a delay in the performance of obligations for a period equal to the period of force majeure. The Company will use all possible resources to stop force majeure or seek a solution for the Company to fulfill its obligations, despite force majeure.
    1. If the Company fails to ensure the strict performance of any of the obligations by the Player, or the Company is unable to exercise any of the rights or remedies to which it is entitled, this in no way constitutes a waiver of such rights or remedies, and does not exempt the Player from compliance with such obligations.
    2. The Company's refusal to fulfill any of the obligations of the Terms or Rules is not legally binding unless it is officially issued and has not been sent to the Player in writing in accordance with the above.

    If any of the Terms or Conditions become invalid, illegal, or in any way unenforceable, such term, condition, or provision will be separated to an appropriate extent from the remaining terms, conditions, and language, which will remain in full force and effect as provided by law. In such cases, the part that is considered invalid or unenforceable is changed in accordance with applicable law to reflect the Company's original goals as accurately as possible.

  22. LINKS:

    The Website may contain links to other websites that are also beyond the Company's control and are not mentioned in the Terms or Conditions. The Company is not liable for the content of any third-party websites, actions, or omissions of their owners, as well as the content of third-party advertising and sponsorship on these websites. Hyperlinks to other websites are provided for informational purposes only. The Player uses any such links at his/her own risk.

    1. The Account balance is shown to the Player on a permanent basis during the entire time gambling.
    2. Verification and identification of the Player and his/her age is carried out to exclude the involvement of minors.
  24. RISKS:

    If you participate in games or sports betting, you risk losing the funds deposited to the account on the Website https://swin.casino/.

    Online gambling may be illegal in some countries. You understand and agree that the administration of the SwinCasino Website cannot provide You with legal advice or guarantees regarding the legality of your use of the Website services.

    The Company does not guarantee that all Website services comply with the requirements of the legislation of your jurisdiction. You use the services provided at your choice and discretion, subject to the risk of liability, deciding whether the use of the Website services is lawful under the applicable laws of your jurisdiction. You access the Website and participate in games at your own risk.

    Websites and games are available to you without any express or implied warranties.

  25. REFUND:

    No refund is available after the intended deposit has been made on the swin.casino Website.

    The refund request will only be considered if it is requested within the first 24 hours of the intended transaction or within 30 days if the Player claims that another person (or minor) had access to his/her Account.

    We also reserve the right to withhold any refund or reverse transaction amount until the Player's identity is properly established to ensure that any payment made in our favor will be acknowledged after the refund is made. You agree to provide, if we require, notarized identification or any other documents identifying your identity in accordance with the applicable law of your jurisdiction. If such notarized or certified identification is not provided within five (5) days of our request, such a refund or reverse transaction will be void, the Player's Account will be closed, and you will lose all funds in your Account, and such decision shall be final, binding, and non-appealable.


    You are entitled to request money withdrawal from your Account, provided that all payments transferred to your Account have been checked for non-violation of the Terms and Conditions.

    The Company is entitled to request identification documents when making payments. The Company is guided by the international KYC (Know Your Customer) principles, which oblige to identify the customer's identity before approving withdrawals. The Company reserves the right to require the Customer to undergo additional identification procedures, including, but not limited to, video identification, ID-selfies, etc.

    Following international anti-money laundering and fraud prevention rules, the payment of funds is made using the same method as the deposit. If the withdrawal cannot be made using the same method, the Company will offer a different method.

    At the time of withdrawal request, your Bonus Balance shall not contain any active bonuses, lottery tickets, or free spins. Otherwise, when processing the withdrawal request, the Company reserves the right to cancel all active bonuses and prizes.

    The Company reserves the right to conduct additional verification of your funds before making a withdrawal for a period not exceeding 48 hours.