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Refund Policy

The Company maintains effective and transparent methods for the reasonable handling of refund requests received from Clients. The Company keeps record of each refund requests and transactions made by the Client. If in any case that the Client files for a refund, the request will be subject for the Company’s approval. Before filing for a refund request, the Client must ensure that:

  • The Client has no pending order or open trade
  • The Client’s account has never been suspended or revoked
  • The Client never had trading violations
  • The Client has no pending obligations under the Company’s terms and conditions, other contract or agreement

The Company has the right to decline and refuse any refund request at any given payment or transaction method without the obligation of providing an explanation.

The Client is required to abide by the existing and available payment methods that the Company provides for any refund.

All of the refund requests will undergo the Company’s terms and conditions before being fully accepted and/or approved. The whole process will require at least one (2) business day after the receipt of the transfer request instructions were issued. In the event of a successful refund request, the Company reserves the following rights:

  • Decline and/or refuse a refund request when the Company deemed it as misaligned or if it does not satisfy the prescribed provision for this sector
  • Delay the processing of the refund request if the Company deemed the auxiliary and recommended documentation false, incorrect, or inaccurate.

The Client is also responsible for shouldering bank fees and charges in the process of refunding their funds from their account.

The Company is not liable if the Client provides the incorrect and incomplete information that results to further loss or damage.