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August CashDays

August CashDays
Tournament has ended
How the prize draw works

The prize pool is distributed according to the table below.

All players get unique Player ID, using which you can track your results in the leaderboard.

Any win will contribute to the Player's Total score that will be shown in the Leaderboard.

The total score is calculated by the addition of the points scored during all rounds played on participating games during the tournament period.

Points are calculated round-by-round, with each 82 INR won equaling 10 points.

The cash prizes will be credited to the players’ accounts as withdrawable funds within 72 hours after the end of the promotion.


August CashDays tournament runs between 3:00 on the 1st of August and 9th of August until 02:59.

💰 The prize fund of the tournament at each stage is 70 000 €.

The minimum bet for participation is 17 INR.

August CashDays tournament is available to play for real mode only.

You can find the leaderboard in any of the tournament games below.

To win - rise to first place in the leaderboard.